WiFi Disruption spreads to the Cellular Arena

Jesse Drucker on WiFi Disruption (link requires WSJonline subscription):
Last month, Japan's largest cellular carrier, NTT DoCoMo, started selling a cellphone that looks like any other. Most of the time, the phone, made by NEC, works like any other, too: When its owner is out and about, it uses standard cellular technology to transmit calls.

But if its owner is sitting at a desk in an office configured for the phone, the calls instead travel via the high-speed wireless technology known as Wi-Fi, and then over the Internet, using the voice-over-Internet calling protocol.

Why does any of this matter? Each minute of wireless calling over Wi-Fi is a minute of calling not made over a cellular network. That has the potential to shake up the world of cellular calling.

And so it goes ... another market creatively disrupted.

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