Lap Pillow: A Gift I Can Do Without

Um, well, once the ArmPillow hit the scene, it was inevitable that additional BodyPartPillows would surface. Sure 'nuff, here comes the lap pillow:
"The 'lap pillow', shaped like the bottom half of a kneeling woman, is selling for about 9,429 yen ($90), the French news agency AFP reported.
'Single men find this soothing,' said Mitsuo Takahashi of the manufacturer Trane KK.

He told AFP that the Hizamakura, or lap pillow, fulfilled a primal need.

'From the time people were kids, people have laid their heads on their mothers' laps to get their ears cleaned,' he said. 'This is made to be quite close to the real thing.'
Um, yeah. Sure.

OK, so . . . Lap Pillow meet ArmPillow. Any predictions re. what body part will be pillowed next?

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