Kids 8-17 See the Future

The BBC is exploring the future of mobile technologies with kids aged 8-17. Here's what they have to say. Fascinating. A few highlights:
"They could text telling us about new programmes or information about competitions."

"Put some programmes on mobiles or the internet."

"If you forgot to revise for a test at secondary school you could put Revisewise on mobiles."
(Children from Little Kingshill School, Bucks.)

"The BBC could use a daily text messaging service for news headlines."
(age 15, Richmond)

"I don't like how the news is on in the morning for about three hours. There should be top-ups on your mobile phones about the news and sport."
(age 10, St Thomas Moore School, Coventry)

"Maybe there could be a loyalty bonus of certain programmes if you watch every day. Maybe you can send a top up card of £5 or give them 10 free text messages."
(age 9, St Thomas Moore School, Coventry)

"Mobile phones are used a lot in films which can make younger children want to use them."
(age 10, St Thomas Moore School, Coventry)

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