On Blogs Escalating Trajectory

Are blogs about to go into hyper-growth? Are businesses finally realizing the potential for blogs as a device for connecting with key constituencies?
Fortune asserts: Why There's No Escaping the Blog

Patrick Ruffini wonders, Are We on the Verge of a Dot Blog Boom?

Dan Gillmor tries to stir the blog pot in We the Media.

Hugh Hewitt's just published book Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World furthers the trend.
  • I placed a pre-order for Hugh's book with Amazon in early December. Where is it? OTOH, Amazon did ship James Lileks Gallery of Regrettable Food. It should make a memorable anniversary present.

  • Update:
    • January 7 and Amazon still hasn't shipped my copy. What gives?
    • Jan 11: Amazon shows Hugh's book on "ususally ships within 24 hours" status. BUT, no movement on my preorder. Grr.
    • Jan 13: Amazon FINALLY shows in prep for shipping. About time!!
    • Jan 14. Amazon has FINALLY shipped my long ago ordered copy of BLOG. Jeesh! Maybe, just maybe, it will arrive next Tuesday (Jan 18). If so, I'll have time to digest it and incorporate key points into my eCommerce class. I hope.
Could be.

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