Digito Squabbling

Sibling squabbling turned a new corner today. For that, I must thank Santa. I cannot speak for Santa, of course, but I'm guessing his logic went something like this:
"Hmm ... both Digito Daughters (DDs) include 'my own computer' on their Christmas wish lists. Beyond occational homework needs, I see that AIM is their favorite leisure application. If I give each an IMfree Wireless Instant messenger they've less need their own computers. I bet the digito Parents would appreciate it, too, because the DDs wouldn't be asking for computer time as often. Sounds like a win-win to me!"
Whatever Santa's logic, each DD received an IMfree for Christmas.

Working at my computer this morning, all was quiet when an AIM window popped. Youngest DD -- who was downstairs constructing with her Erector Set -- informed me the elder DD was calling her names. Assuming both were downstairs, I replied: "ignore her" Younger DD replied, "she imed me" At which time I realized the elder DD was in her bedroom. I grinned. The girls were out of visual field, yet squabbling. Even better, their squabbling was silent.

Yep, household social interaction just took a new turn: digito squabbling.

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