Gadgets that Deserve a Bronx Cheer

Fox News weighs in with their take on The Year's Worst Gadgets. The Susi Disk is my fave:
"Never again will you have to choose between having sushi or having a USB memory drive," according to a Webster advertisement on Dynamism.com, the online mecca for hot Japanese tech imports.

They're like fake fruit but attachable to a PC's Universal Serial Bus and can be used to store and upload information.

These discs, which come in variations of shrimp, tuna, salmon and cucumber probably wouldn't have made the list if the site didn't charge Nobu-like prices for the inedible $99 "replicas," or about $81 more than the $18 we found similar non-sushi versions of the drives on Amazon.com.

Such flash drives, these days, are nothing more than "giveaway status," said Richard Doherty of technology market research firm Envisioneering. "They have lost their value."

At least Doherty added, "We haven't seen the USB coffee coaster yet." He must have missed the new Hot Cubby USB Cup Warmer, which plugs into a PC's USB port to keep drinks warm.

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