Short People: Don't Shop Here

Shades of Randy Newman come to mind. I wonder how carefully management thought this through:
LONDON (AFP) - The news that shoppers are not only getting wider but also taller has prompted a British supermarket chain to replace its entire fleet of trolleys.

Sainsbury's 280,000 new trolleys will have higher handles to suit its taller customers.

The current trolleys have a handle 40 inches (102 centimetres) from the ground, while the new model, due to arrive in stores over the next five years, will have raised sections reaching a height of 45 inches (114 centimetres).

'Tall people need to have higher handles to be able to push a fully laden trolley ergonomically, so we've tailored the new model to take this into account,' said Sainsbury's Fiona Eden.
Designing "trolleys" for the upper tail of the distribution makes sense if you are a Big & Tall store, but folks of all sizes shop a supermarket.

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