Presentation Tips

Garr Reynolds offers a concise summary of Marty Neumeier's presentation design guidelines :

1. EDIT TO THE BONE. "Most slide presentations collapse under the weight of words." Use as few words as possible on a slide (and make them big), this insures that the ones you use will be read and understood says Marty.

2. USE PICTURES. Use visuals were words on a slide just can't cut it. "...whenever you feel the text in your presentation can’t fully support your key points, insert a picture."

3. KEEP IT MOVING. "It’s better to break slides into bite-sized ideas—usually one idea per slide —than to squeeze everything on one slide. Slides are free, so use them freely. It’s preferable to see a hundred slides that move at a fast clip than be forced to stare a single slide for more than a minute."
 As with all guidelines, these make assumptions about the type of presentation one is making.


Apple worship run amuk. Do Your Homework Guys!

OK, this has reached the point of pure absurdity. Folks are touting Apple's Apps store as though it is something novel; never before encountered in the mobile world.  The Register and Engadget, both generally reliable resources are both evidencing cluelessness.  Both are touting a minor upgrade of Palm's Palm Store software store -- which has been around for years and was, in fact the first source for mobile software -- as a Johnny come lately addition to the mobile app store craze.  What gives?  These guys clearly have Apples in their eyes.


Tonight's Musician

Leon Redbone's (photo ) pianist ... I wish I knew his name.

Health Care: A Bright Spot in a Sour Economy

Business week points out that health care is a bright spot in sour economic times:
During times of economic turmoil, the health-care industry tends to thrive: It was one of the few fields to expand during the dot-com bust.

"There's not a lot of swing in health care," says Kristi Raube, the executive director of the University of California at Berkeley's graduate program in health management at the Haas School of Business . "It's like a steady growth engine."

For business school students seeking job security, pursuing health-care management is "one of the most stable" career options, because people will always need care, says Mecklenburg. And right now, the industry is poised to expand: According to the Health & Human Services Dept., the health share of the GDP is expected to reach 19.5% by 2017, up 4.3% from its current share.

This bodes well for ONU's Pharmaceutical Business Majors.

Will Video Christmas Cards ...

Why Santa's Late This YearWill 2008 be the year of the video Christmas card? I think the stars are aligned: broadband internet is now mainstream. With the economy tanked, many are seeking ways to trim expenses. What better way than to save time and money than by emailing a video Christmas card to all your loved ones?


Digito Society is Back to Blogger

For reasons that escape me, the Digito Society install at GentlEye is not responding. Bumping the server had no effect. Thanks to the magic of Feedburner you loyal subscribers to the feed should notice no change.

This episode, combined with my increasing use of other services (e.g., Flickr.com, Twitter, GoogleApps for my Domain) has me wondering if it is time to shutter the Gentleye.com website.