Real responds to Arrogant Apple

Real responds to Arrogant Apple's iPod 'hacker' attack. This has all the makings for a fun brawl. Apple is attempting to repeat history by defending a closed system. Real, meanwhile is playing the role of worm boring into the core of Apple's flawed strategy.

Cell Phones: A black hole for personal electroics (convergence)

Is convergence across devices emerging such that cell phones are a black hole sucking energy from the rest of the consumer electronics industry? Consider: "The handset is rapidly consuming every other aspect of mobile consumer electronics: PDAs, cameras, GPS receivers, MP3 players, DVD players and game consoles. In the process, the SoC companies and intellectual-property (IP) providers that had planned to make a living in each of those areas will be drawn in for the most part, to their doom." I think this may affect some sectors, but not all. Single purpose devices will persisit. In some form.

Apple vs. Real: Umar's take

Umar has posted a very nice analysis of Apple's respone to Real's annoucnement that they are knocking on the iPod door.


Arrogant Apple rails against Real's iPod move

Apple shows its arrogance via its shrill response to RealNetwork's move into the iPod space. Does the iMporer have no clothes?

Wireless Subscribers to Skyrocket

The number of wireless subscribers is expected to surge: "The number of wireless subscribers worldwide is projected to jump from 1.5 billion at the end of 2004 to more than 2.5 billion in 2009"

Recreating the seen experience

The New York Times reports "two Columbia University scientists have come up with a computer-based way to extract detailed information from the fleeting images of the world mirrored on the curved surface of the eye." This technology could have interesting applications for understanding consumer experience in situ.

Commodization: Software or bandwidth

Jonathan Schwartz offers this interesting perspective on commodization: "what's really commoditizing? Bandwidth. Not software, not hardware, bandwidth. It's coming out of the wall in your house and office, just like a three prong outlet provides another commodity, electricity (and broadband, soon enough)." Agreed, bandwidth is a commodity. Rather, I think it is best construed as a utility. But software? Are we confounding standards and commodization, and the relation between them? Or have I missed Jonathan's point?

On the Power of Advertising

Watching athletic footwear ads gives the impression that strapping on a pair of Brand X shoes makes miracles happen. Afterall, the sizzzle factor keeps life flowing into this multi billion industry of hope and dreams. This thief's dreams of new-shoe superability met a realistic end. The power of advertising in action?

Using Video Games to teach Urban Design

Hmm ... maybe real live will soon more closely resemble viideo games. A group of students has used vVirtual gaming worlds to gain insights into our non-virtual reality.

Stitching a SMS Message & Ettiquette

Ever considered embroidering a SMS message?


Positive Organizational Scholarship

Hmm ... lemme see: Positive Organizational Scholarship appears to be the latest wave in management theory. I suppose it makes sense. Afterall, gobs of research suggest that pride is a more powerful motivator than shame. Yet, to suggest that a key goal of an organization is to further prideful feelings is rather interesting.

Cult Brands ... a new marketing gimmick?

Cult Brands, a concept popularized by Akins, has precipatated stuff like this: Brand Autopsy: Cult Brands Make for More Valuable Brands. Hmm ...

Highways aid avian navigation

Manmade structures, often decried as obstacles to wildlife, appear to have some unexpected benefits. It appears that highways help some pidgeons find their way home. Hmm ... highway pidgeons? Which makes me wonder, where did barn owls -- which are now threatened due to the reduced number of barns dotting the landscape -- live before the advent of the barn?


Proposed bill could doom digital entertainment

A copyright bill under consideration in the Senate Judiciary Committee could have a chilling effect on technologies such as personal MP3 players. Burr.

How 'bout a car that winks, laughs and cries?

A car that IHT: winks, laughs and cries may be in your future. Toyota has received patents for just such a creation. What are the social consequences of using a car that can express emotions?

Game theory and the TDF

Here's a brief conjecture regarding how game theory may apply to strategy formulation in the TDF. Specific reference is to stage 18, in which Lance swatted Simeoni back from his attempt to join a breakaway group.


81% of Koreans Go Mobile

KoreaTimes : 81% of Koreans Go Mobile Fascinating. What are the social implications of so many possible one-on-one tele-communication connections?

How Not to Use a Video Camera

This news clip illustrates the dangers of video taping your extra-legal exploits. Alt title: How not to drive to a VW rally.

Armstrong Wins 6th Tour De France

Yep, Armstrong has won his 6th Tour De France. This puts him in uncharted territory. It also is a powerful demonstration of tech in action. Speaking of which, during coverage of the final stage, OLN was displaying Robbie McEwen's heart rate in real time.

Frequency selective wallpaper

Hmm ... some folks have developed frequency selective wall paper that can effectively block cell phone signals. I wonder if this same tech could be used to block WiFi signals from classrooms and other spaces.

Student digital reporters to cover National Conventions

Smart Mobs: has an interesting post about undergraduate students that will cover the national presidential conventions and file reports via pictures, audio, and video captured with their wireless phones.

Life-Changing Cultural Icon?

Further evidence of iPod's stunning SOV: this MSNBC article characterizes the iPod as a "life-changing cultural icon." Really? Perhaps replace iPod with "personal music device" and "life-changing" might apply. Seriously, how can one brand of personal digital music player be more life-altering than another? Not. Further evidence of Steve Job's keen ability to differentiate a commodity. Apparently, Steve's forgtten about the Walkman.

The Cultural Significance of the Walkman

Here's a nice piece on the social significance and impact of the Sony Walkman. Is the Walkman really such a "remarkably alienating device"? I can think of lots of activities that enable similar "alienation." A book, for example.


Low Tech is sometimes best: Skunk scent

It appears that some police are using skunk scent to discourage squatters and lingers. Hmm ....

More Tour Tech: Mapping the Tour de France Riders from Space

Yep, they tested tech that mapped the Tour de France Riders from Space. Perhaps next year's tour will feature live web distributed real-time data on rider position. More details available here. Imagine the added dimension such location data could provide for other activities.

pPod: An interactive guide to public loos in London

Finally, a useful application for the iPod: pPod an audio guide to public loos in London. How quaint!


The power of the printed word rediscovered

Hmm ... this is intresting. Some folks have discovered that the printed word has special properties. How origional.

Working Smart: PowerPoint Resources

PowerPoint is a boon and a curse. Too many PowerPoint presentations misuse the tool. Edward Tufte's essay on the abuses of Powerpoint (summarized here) is a rare exception to the dearth of suggestions on how to maximize Powerpoint's value as a communication tool. Here's a nice collection of PowerPoint Resources that should improve your Powerpoint communication skills.

Open Source thinking applied to a Newspaper

Interesting stuff: a newspaper in which content is determined by its readers. Will this open-source approach to newspapers spread? Worth watching.

Tablet PCs Enter Reality

Finally, some evidence that tablet PC prices are coming down such that these sexy devices are priced within the rehlm of reality.

Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Journal

Tech got us to the moon. And we're still reaping the benefits, tech- and society-wise. Check out the Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Journal. Make sure you check out the images. They are beautiful.

History of the ATM

Here's a brief history of the ATM, that humble device that disrupted the banking industru.

Unintended consequences of tech: Cameraphones used to plan your prison escape

Talk about the unintended consequences of technology, it appears that inmate are using camera phones to aid planning prison escapes.

Homeless now have a home on the web

Oh, this is exciting! The homeless now have an official government-sponsored Home on the Web.

First Lawsuit Over Cell Phone Spam

Spammers leave no contact point untouched: Verizon has launched the first Lawsuit Over Cell Phone Spam

The joys of Google's contexualized advertising

Google's AdSense is a fantastic product. Yet, like any automated system, interesting juxtopositions can and do occur.


Decomposing the Voice Communication Value Chain

Verizon's announcement that it is launching Internet Phone Service suggests that the voice data market has turned an important (technological) corner. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of circuit-switched newtorks. It will be very interesting to see where this ends up. And how quickly it gets there. And who survives the transition.

Film sales decline accelerates: Digital Rules

Kodak reports that the sales of film continues to decrease at an accellerating rate. Yes, George, digital imaging is the now.

Know what your kids are doing online? Probably not.

This study suggests parents clueless about kids online. Should we be clued in? Is online content use all that different than browsing a (conventional) library?

No more sour milk? Environment sensing packaging

The possibilites created by packaging that senses and responsds to the environment -- such as these Intelligent Milk Cartons is mind boggling.

Knife-Resistent Kids Clothing: Culture & Tech at its Finest

What does it say about a culture that spawns Knife-resistant jackets for schoolkids? Interesting.

Why Some Innovations Stagnate: Lack of Communication

Yep, that's right, this study suggests that good 'ole lack of communication within an organization dooms some great innovations to become dust collectors. Fast Company has posted a nice executive summary.

(US) Consumers Want Personalized Value Offerings

US Consumers Want Personalized Content, and are willing to pay for it.


There's $$$$ in Digital Content

In case you were wondering, there IS money to be made from digital content ... if you understand your markets. Note that Getty Images doubles profit, raises outlook. What more is there to say?



Apple's impressive SOV in the digital media area continues

Why is a New iPod important news? Beats me. But the editors of Newsweek seem to think it deserves front cover emphasis. Go figure.

Armstrong Wins Tour Stage as Rivals Crack

Ok, so Armstrong's domination of stage 13 isn't exactly standard fare around here. Or is it? His competitive successes reflect the potent conflation of man, tech, and strategy. What could be more beautiful?

Cross-Cultural variation in digital Priacy: US vs. Japan

This interesting paper reports an ethnographic study about digital piracy in the US and Japan.

Is Intel's expansion beyond its core competency a good idea?

Maintaining growth is a challenge for Intel. Is their strategy a good one? Check out: From Intel Inside to Intel Everywhere | CNET News.com

Pirates, sharks and moral crusaders

Here's a nice piece on behavior in p2p networks.


Pheromone-plug-in - for your cat or dog

Do your pets experience too much stress? Try this Pheromone-plug-in

Identity theft legislation ... some helpt for us in the US

Yahoo! News - Bush Signs Identity Theft Sentencing Law. This is good news for those of us in the states that are unfortunate enough to have our identiy stolen by another on the state-side.

eBay tests the digital download space

eBay is testing digital-music market potential. It will be very interesting to observe how this evolves.

Standardization hits the IM space ... finally!

It's about time. AOL, MS, and Yahoo! have agreed to connect their IM networks. Standardization rules!

Cultural anthropology, technology, and value offering

A nice piece in the NYT about Genevieve Bell's work exploring consumer opportunities in other cultures. (Link requires NYT registration)