RSS Adoption: Why it is and will be slow

Here's a nice summary on Why RSS adoption is low.

Let's push this through a bit further: Recall the 5 product factors that impact the adoption rate of a new tech? No? Well, here they are:
  1. Relative advantage. In what ways is RSS better than existing ways of acquiring information? For informnavores, RSS is a life-saving, life-saving tech. For non-informnavores, RSS is a big, "so what?" Overall negative.
  2. Compatibility with current work-flow and other ways of acquiring information. RSS currently requires developing new habits. Overall negative.
  3. Complexity. How difficult is it to use? RSS requires a separate program or going to a specific web site. Overall negative.
  4. Communicability. How easy is it to communicate the benefits? The benefits are easy to communicate. Whether someone values those benefits is another issue. Mild positive.
  5. Trialability. RSS is easy to try if you are one of the small number of folks using FireFox. Otherwise, trial of RSS requires adopting Bloglines, or a dedicated feed reader. Overall negative.
Four negatives and one mild positive. Not encouraging.

This raises the question: Will RSS remain a niche info delivery method?


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