NYT Makes Another Shocking Discovery: Frat Boys Drink. Oh, my!

Show casing the journalistic excellence characteristic of the NYT's post Jason Blair era, Benoit Denizet-Lewis discovers frat boys (and girls) still drink. Hmm ... call me stunned.


  1. Yea .. well it must be some kind of brain virus going around. Tom Wolfe just wrote a whole book on the subject of frat parties (or is it now called "Phrat"?).The book is titled, "I Am Charlotte Simmons"

    But what do I know I make slot machines. Hmm.. maybe I should write an article - Do slot players still drink and gamble? :-)

  2. eyebeam -- pitch your article concept to the NYT, who knows, they might bite. i like your term 'brain virus.' it is much more, well, virulant, than the much abused 'meme.'