Dell FireFox Hostile

I discovered today that Dell.com is FireFox hostile. While searching support at Dell.com to find out why my Dell DJ-20 (origional version) is not compatible with Audible.com, I tried Dell's "find you service tag number." No can do, it spat back. "Incompatible Browser or Operating System" read the error. Hmm ... OS is WinXP. FireFox is the browser. Yep, Dell is FireFox hostile. I gave up. Two punts on Dell's "customer service" in one sitting.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not terribly surprised that Dell would be Firefox hostile. Dell is the vanilla ice cream of the computer world and Firefox is the anti-vanilla of browsers. Of course, you would think that a company that so touts its service would allow 1+ million Firefox users to surf it's site without being digitally spat upon. I'm glad I don't own a Dell.