Blog Irony: Promise vs. Practice

The American Marketing Association (AMA) has announced a "AMA Hot Topic Series" seminar titled Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website. Despite promises to " show how to incorporate the newest internet-based strategy into your organization’s marketing plan." Seminar promotion relies on old media (web and direct mail). Visit the promotional web page (yes, literally a page) and you find standard promotional boiler plate.

What's missing? The seminar organizers don't leverage the tools the seminar claims they will show participants how to use: where is the (pre) conference blog? the RSS feed? Where is evidence the conference organziers are applying the techniques the promotional pieces claim are so essential to success in today's business environment? Absent. Rather, the message is: "do as I say, not as I do."

Spend your time more productively: read Hugh Hewitt's Blog or Dan Gillmor's We the Media..


  1. Actually, Rob, there is a blog for the seminar, and, there's a blog for each conference to follow up on specific items from each of the conferences. You can have a look at the blog, and my extended reply to you insightful commentary over at the AMA Blog. http://marketingpower.blogs.com/

  2. Rob, this isn't entirely correct. Quite a few of the attendees at the workshops say they first heard about the workshop from the blogs of the session's speakers.

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