Sick: JFK Reloaded

From the too sick to believed universe comes JFK Reloaded, a video game that allows you to
take part in the world’s first interactive reconstruction of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.
This leaves me speechless.

Follow-up: I've gone back and taken a second look at the site. Objectively, the purpose of the activity is to allow interested individuals to test, via simulation, the conclusions of the Warren Commission report. As such, the simulation presumably allows participants to test alternate hypotheses regarding the assassination of JFK.

From this perspective, there are at least two distinct issues. One is the development and use of simulations as a learning tool. The second is the context that is simulated. I'm a fan of simulations as a learning tool. I've used the Marketplace eCommerce simulation to great success in my ecommerce classes.

As to the context of the JFK Reloaded simulation, I suppose it is a matter of taste. I find this context distasteful. Just as I find distasteful violence-centered action adventure movies, books, and video games.

It does make me wonder: Is an Arafat Reloaded simulation in the near future?

Bottom line: This is sick.

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