Bush the "dissident among the leaders of the free world"

Joel C. Rosenberg quotes Natan Sharansky:
"I told the president, 'There is a great difference between politicians and dissidents. Politicians are focused on polls and the press. They are constantly making compromises. But dissidents focus on ideas. They have a message burning inside of them. They would stand up for their convictions no matter what the consequences.'

"I told the president, 'In spite of all the polls warning you that talking about spreading democracy in the Middle East might be a losing issue — despite all the critics and the resistance you faced — you kept talking about the importance of free societies and free elections. You kept explaining that democracy is for everybody. You kept saying that only democracy will truly pave the way to peace and security. You, Mr. President, are a dissident among the leaders of the free world.'"

Interesting that it takes an Israeli cabinet member to state the obvious that so many cannot (are are not willing to) apprehend. This also reveals why the left so much despises Bush. The left thrives on policies of oppression. Bush's efforts to encourage freedom abroad encourages domestic freedom, too. Such freedoms are inconsistant with the dependent culture created and perpetuated by the left. Hat tip to Best of the Web.

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