IMsmarter. Is it Really?

Engadget has a nice Interview with David E. Weekly, Founder of Coceve and www.IMsmarter.com
What is IMsmarter?

It’s a new kind of IM enhancement. Go to www.IMSmarter.com to check it out. Geeky people would call it a “proxy”, but the easiest way to think about it is as a secretary that helps you out by sitting between you and the rest of the world, letting you know about things that are interesting and taking notes of your meetings so you can recall what was said later. In the same way that you don’t need to change your phone or mail systems when you get a secretary, IM Smarter doesn’t require you to change anything about your current IM habits - after a thirty-second configuration (not requiring you to install any software), you’re good to go. You just keep on using your favorite client on your favorite OS: AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, iChat, Trillian, whatever! It works on Windows, OS/X, and Linux!

Give us some example of IM Smarter in action.

It’s 4pm; you’re at work and you remember you were going to meet your buddy for dinner tonight, but you’ve forgotten where. He’s not online, but you had IMmed with him last night from home to discuss where you’d meet up. Without IM Smarter, you’d be screwed - with IM Smarter you just log in to the web site, click on your buddy’s name, and see the chat you had last night.


You’ve got a lot going on and are feeling a bit scatterbrained; you’ve just put the clothes in the wash and need to remember to move them over to the dryer in 40 minutes, plus the casserole needs to come out of the oven in 30 minutes. You’re doing a million other things and you know you’ll forget when you need to do what. A “calendar” is the wrong tool here. With IM Smarter, you just send two IMs:

bug me in 40 minutes about the clothes in the wash
bug me in 30 minutes about the casserole

And presto! Even if you log off and log back in, you’ll get an IMmed reminder - even if you log on from a different location and with a different screen handle! And even if you sign on with a different protocol!
I'm off to www.imsmarter.com to check it out.

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