Halftime 2005: No Unnecessary Boobage

I watched exactly one half of a football game last year. Yep, it was the Superbowl. When the second quarter ended, I urged the girls to get ready for bed. "Can we watch the half-time show first?" they plead. "Sure!" I replied, thinking it would be more interesting than the game. I wasn't prepared for Justin's bump-grind with Janet. Nor was I prepared for the "wardrobe malfunction," immediately after which the eldest Digito Daughter turned to me and stated in a matter-of-fact voice, "That was unnecessary."

True to form, I've again watched exactly .5 football games this year. Yep, the half-time show was boob-free. Indeed, there wasn't a single female evident on-stage during the half-time show. Fox must have been feeling a tad gun-shy after last year's Viagra overdosed debacle.

I'm relieved. The stars have realigned. The Superbowl is again truly "family" entertainment. The world is right again. Amen.

Update: Out of compassion, I reduced the size of the image. A student complained that the image caused a kurfluffle when he was reading Digito Society via his laptop while in class (not mine!). From here on out I'll use the "safe for in-class reading" criteria when choosing images.

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