Ascendancy of Not So Bigness?

Grant observes:
the problem is that as a room becomes “too giant, it loses its connection with its inhabitants.” This means that the NYT is now prepared to join the apostasy by Susanka’s “Not so big house” movement that has been in the works for some time now.
Interesting. The "not so big" trend appears to generalize beyond housing. The iPod shuffle exemplifies this trend. So, too, does consumer trending away from monster SUVs, in favor of smaller vehicles. I wonder: where else is this not so bigness trend evident?

On another note, I added the This Blog Sits at The ... blog to my feed list a few weeks ago. Yet, only tonight did I discover that it is Grant McCracken's blog. What a wonderful surprise! I've been following Grant's work since I was a wet behind the ears PhD student in the late '80s. I've a preorder at Amazon.com for Grant's latest book Culture and Consumption II. I'll post a review when I get a copy.

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