Managing Google Calendars with Multiple gApps Domains

I've been a happy user of Google Apps standard edition since it was first launched. Tied to my personal domain, the suite of email, calendar, docs, etc. have bee worth far more than their (Free!) price would suggest.  Above, all gCal has kept our hectic family life as close to coordinated as is possible.  Each family member has an account. Family rule is that all events must go on your gCal.  gCal is configured so that everyone sees everyone else's calendar.  Scheduling family events is much easier. 

Google Calendar Sync has further simplified keeping calendars up to date. gCal sync automatically and seamlessly allowed my work Outlook calendar, on Exchange, to sync events both ways with my Google calendar. Ditto for Susan.  With gCal Sync it doesn't matter whether I use the Outlook calendar or the Google calendar.  Sync is configured to sync changes both ways.  This capability was especially valuable when I had a Treo 700P and then a Samsung Saga smartphone. Both connected via the Exchange server.  Seamless, as long as gSync was running.

Last week, ONU transitioned -- finally! -- to Google Apps for Education. (In celebration I retired my WinMo phone for a Droid X ... but that's another story.) So, now I have two Google Apps accounts: a personal account and a work account.  Work-Life separation is good. Right?  Maybe.

I've discovered that there is a big difference in gCal calendar sharing within an Apps Domain vs. across Apps Domains.  Within an Apps Domain, one can share a calendar and allow the other person the ability to modify entries.  Within an Apps Domain, one can see all details on shared calendar events.  Sharing calendars across domains allows, apparently, only sharing of free/busy status. That's helpful, but if I'm sharing my work calendar with family members, I'd like for them to know whether that blob on the calendar is a class session or office hours, for example.  

What to do?

My (non-optimal) work around is to create an event to my work calendar. When creating the event I invite myself using my personal domain email address. This has the effect of getting the event on both calendars in a way that can be seen by all family members on my private domain gCal.

Ideal? Nope. But servicable until Google modifies gCal to expand calendar sharing abilities across Google Apps domains.

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