Cycle Werks Should Take a Page from the Ohio Department of Transportation

A friend who works for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is proud of their mission. It is (my paraphrase):
Keep motorists motoring. 
This simple mission has had dramatic impact on how ODOT does business. For example, road construction is now scheduled at times, such as overnight, that minimize impact on traffic flow. ODOT now has motorist assist services to aid motorists experiencing a mechanical or other problem on the road way; to help stranded motorists resume their travels quickly and safely.

Today (Monday) I took my bike to Cycle Werks for service. My front dérailleur lost shifting functionality eighty-some miles into yesterday's HHH century ride (on the bright side, the chain was stuck on the small ring ... and after 21 years of use I can't complain).  So, we're talking a fairly simple repair. Most likely, the shift levers will require replacement. A 30 minute job (max) for a trained bike mechanic.

Here's what I experienced this afternoon:

"Dude, your bike will be ready by the end of the week."
"Um, what does that mean?"
"Thursday or Friday, dude."
"Um, I was hoping to ride with the group (which gathers outside your shop) Wednesday night."
"Sorry dude, with the weekend and all we're all backed up."
"Shit!" (I'm pissed and going to go blog about this) 
Let's envision an alternate scenario. How would this scenario have played out if Cycle Werks adopts as their mission: "Our job is to keep cyclists peddling":
"Bummer about the dérailleur, dude.  When do you plan to ride next?"
"Wednesday evening, with the crew that gathers here."
"No problem, dude. We'll have your 'Dale ready for you by Wednesday afternoon at the latest."  
 "Excellent. Thanks!" (imagine the resulting blog post)
 Cycle Werks the choice is yours: you can keep me peddling and blow me away with stunning service, or you can piss me off by keeping me off the road.  Your choice. Guess which I'd pay a premium for and which would increase the likelihood that I'd buy more stuff from you?

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