Blogger Error: Unexpected Delete

OK, so I spent time over the past two days crafting the first of several intended posts on general education. I've been enmeshed in designing a general education program for the past two years and it is time to share insights and gleen wisdom from others. 

That was my intent.  The first post was done. Published. BUT, I dorked one of the labels.  Where delicious expects spaces to separate tags, Blogger expects a comma.  I didn't know that. So, Blogger translated my string of space separated tags into one long meaningless spew.  

So, I tried Blogger's tag edit feature.  Who'd a thunk that 'delete' on the "Label Actions" drop down menu means that the label/tag AND the associated post gets deleted?  Intuitive mapping? Nope. Blogger provides a warning about deleting a draft or a published post via the edit posts window. Did Blogger provide a "Are you sure you want to delete this post?" in this situation Nope!  Does Blogger have an undelete feature? Nope. 

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