Health Care: A Bright Spot in a Sour Economy

Business week points out that health care is a bright spot in sour economic times:
During times of economic turmoil, the health-care industry tends to thrive: It was one of the few fields to expand during the dot-com bust.

"There's not a lot of swing in health care," says Kristi Raube, the executive director of the University of California at Berkeley's graduate program in health management at the Haas School of Business . "It's like a steady growth engine."

For business school students seeking job security, pursuing health-care management is "one of the most stable" career options, because people will always need care, says Mecklenburg. And right now, the industry is poised to expand: According to the Health & Human Services Dept., the health share of the GDP is expected to reach 19.5% by 2017, up 4.3% from its current share.

This bodes well for ONU's Pharmaceutical Business Majors.

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