Creative Solution to an Age Old Problem

Here's a creative soluton to an age-old problem:

Cold shower for Dutch men urinating in public
Dutch bar flies who can not wait until they are home to relieve themselves are in for a surprise in the southern town of Tilburg where a restaurant owner has put up a cold shower to discourage urinating in public, a newspaper reported on Friday.

Tired of drunks urinating in the ally next to his eatery, located close to a busy bar district, restaurant owner Willy van den Boomgaard installed a cold shower outside to surprise peeing punters.

The shower head is equipped with sensors and will spring into action when anyone nears the alcove where it is located between 1:00am and 7:00am.

"It cost me over 900 euros to install but if it means my restaurant gets rid of the urine stench it will be worth it," the owner told the Algemeen Dagblad.


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  1. Ha! I've visited Amsterdam a couple of times and would recommend someone hook up these devices all around the canals. Really.